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S2U2 v1.00

У нас можно скачать полную версию программы "S2U2 v1.00" для коммуникатора, КПК или планшета

Обновление программы для блокировки экрана кпк.

Update Description:
v1.00 (01-04-2008):
- Integration with S2P (v0.38 or later): When S2P is running, the title & album art of the current playback will be displayed on S2U2. Tapping the screen will call up the music control buttions. If DPAD is enabled, the hardware keys (DPAD & volume up/down) will also be functional as on S2P.
- When "Missing Call" is displayed, drag this phase from left to right will dismiss the missed call.
- Added one more syntax for UserWeather: "icon|index|string" where "icon" is C (custom), "index" is the weather icon & "string" will be the message displayed underneath the weather icon. e.g. "C|50|Rainning" means the gfxweather50.png icon & "Rainning" will be shown.
- Some minor bugs fixed.

v0.99p (20-02-2008):
- Added support to S2P (Slide2Play) - does not suspend the system when S2P is running.
- Fixed a possible system hang up when an incoming call arrives after the device has been sleept for a long while.
- Some minor bugs fixed.

v0.99c (28-01-2008):
- Fixed the memory leak introduced by v0.99.
- In sync with S2V v0.32.

v0.99 (26-01-2008):
- Added the connection icon.
- Added a default unknown caller pic (to disable it, delete the unknown.png under GFX).
- The ExceptionEXE0-9 only effective when the exception application is running in the foreground.
- Larger weather icon can be used.
- DPAD will be enabled when it's running on a Smartphone.
- Better memory management.
- In sync with S2V v0.30.
- Some minor bugs fixed.
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   Инсталлер: [CAB-архив]
   Требования и х-ка: Windows Mobile 5.0 / WM6
   Скачать: s2u2-1.00-wm5.zip [339.22 Kb] (cкачиваний: 2858)
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